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Refund Policy

Refunds: A1 Recycling will provide a full refund of fees paid in respect of: (a) any ordered services not provided due to failure or delay (over 2 working days) by us; or (b) any services provided not being substantially the same as the services requested in the purchase order, provided you notify us of the request for refund within 5 working days of the scheduled delivery date for the service and subject to confirmation of the failure, delay or substantially incorrect service by A1 Recycling.

Order Cancellation and Variation:  You will be entitled to cancel or vary an order provided that the A1 Recycling receives notice of cancellation or variation no less than 2 working days before the delivery date under the order. You will incur an Administration Fee of £30.00 for a cancellation. Any variation made to your order within two working days prior to delivery will be granted at the Supplier’s sole discretion and, in addition to the Administration Fee, may be subject to payment of reasonable costs. A1 Recycling reserves the right to cancel or vary any order if no longer able to provide the services set out in the purchase order, provided that we first notify you and use all reasonable endeavours to procure a viable alternative to meet your requirements. In the event an order is cancelled by A1 Recycling the customer will receive a full refund of any monies paid in advance for the cancelled order (except where failure to deliver is due to customer error).

Submitting Orders:  Submitting a purchase order to the website constitutes an offer to enter into a contract for the provision of refuse skip services with A1 Recycling.  On receipt of confirmation of that order, you will be bound by a contract to purchase the services requested in the purchase order, subject to your rights to cancel or vary the order set out in the terms and conditions.  You must be 18 years of age to purchase services using the website, and we reserve the right to decline orders on that basis.

Price:  The price of the goods or services is that stated on the website at the time of acceptance of your purchase order, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by A1 Recycling.  The prices include value added tax (“VAT”).  All prices are stated in Pound Sterling.  All prices include the cost of delivery and removal of skips.  Prices quoted are based on the information which you submit to the website, and we reserve the right to vary prices if that information is incorrect.  Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions and abide by all, failure to do so will result in your waste being returned and no refund given.



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